Industry Certifications

In the label and decal industry, some products may require certification from outside governing bodies. We understands these labeling requirements, and can assist you with labels authorized by the following agencies:

Underwriters Lab (UL Labels)

If what you need is not listed, please contact us and we can discuss the options to produce your label.

Church Offset Printing is a UL Authorized Label Supplier and PGDQ2 Certified for White High Tack Vinyl & Brushed Silver Polyester for Marking & Labeling Systems.

Certification is the process by which an association or industry group grants recognition to an individual or organization who has met specific work qualifications or performance standards. Certifications are often based on skill standards and production. Skill standards are performance specifications that identify the knowledge an individual needs to succeed in the workplace, and they serve as a basis for assessment and certification.

UL Certification Labels

The UL label mark on a product informs consumers that a product complies with all applicable standards regarding use or safety. UL label marks cannot be printed without express agreement between the Underwriters Lab and the label company.

ULwBrush Silver
ULwBrush Silver

This category is intended to cover printed labels that are manufactured by a label converter. As a general rule, these labels are sold as finished printed labels, although in some cases variable information may be added by the end-product manufacturer using dot matrix printers with specific impact ribbon inks.