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EDDM Requirements

Market your product, service, idea, store opening, sales, or other major events. Reach thousands of potential customers without gathering a single name or address.
Build more traffic, increase revenue, and find a new perspective customer base by marketing to every household in the local target mailing routes your request.

The USPS EDDM program allows you to mail flyers, brochures, coupons, menus, store maps, oversized postcards, saddle-stitched catalogs, booklets, and more for as low as 0.192 ¢  (2021 rates) per mailing piece delivered with the day’s mail to every household by carrier routes. You get First-class Service at the lowest available USPS Standard Mail Rates. EDDM printing eliminated the cost of a mailing list and printing specific names and addresses on every single EDDM printing piece.

Mailing Requirements:

All Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) mail pieces must have the entire label on the “top half” of the mail piece. Whether it’s applied on the long or short side, the orientation of the label does not matter (except that labels placed parallel to the shortest end must not be upside down). The shortest end will always be the top half of the piece. Length is always the longest side.

Acceptable Dimensions of a Flat:
Rectangular with four square corners or finished corners that do not exceed a radius of .125”. (A square is considered a rectangle.) Must be one of the following: More than 10.5” in length OR 6.125” in height OR .25” thick.
It cannot be more than 15” long, 12” high, and .75” thick. Continued...
Note: To be considered a flat, a mailpiece must exceed only one of the dimension minimums but be within all flat maximums; otherwise, it is a parcel. Minimum thickness is .007” (about three sheets of paper), and minimum height is 3.5”.
Maximum weight of a flat at Retail. 3.3 oz maximum weight when submitted at a local Post Office.

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3 Ways to Save With Church Offset Printing

1. We print, and you prep and mail locally:
For the greatest savings, we will print your mail pieces and ship them to you with easy-to-follow instructions and required USPS documentation. You simply need to count and bundle them by carrier route and drop them off at the destination Post Office.

2. We print and prep, and you mail locally:
For a few cents more, we print your mail pieces PLUS we count and bundle them by carrier route and ship them to you with the required USPS documentation – ready to drop off at the Post Office.

3. We do it all:
For ultimate convenience, we print your mail pieces, count and bundle them by carrier route, and then we mail them for you via “open and distribute” to the local Post Office. It couldn't be any easier!

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